Romeo Power Technology: Launching Positive Energy into the Future

Ed Wise, President, Romeo Power TechnologyEd Wise, President
The ever-growing market for an energy-hungry world, proposes crippling effects on power grids including power outages. Meet Romeo Power Technology—a California-based company producing battery solutions to tackle these issues while making headlines as the “Cool New Kid on the Tech Block.” With a team comprised of top engineers from Tesla, SpaceX, Apple, Amazon, and Samsung, it has developed the most advanced and power-dense lithium-Ion battery packs on the market. These modular battery packs deliver power and energy for any application—from commercial energy storage to sports vehicles. The startup is solving every day challenges facing the energy market today while bringing a fresh twist of positive messaging on how they conduct their business for a better tomorrow.

Ed Wise-President of Romeo’s Energy Storage division- is Leading Romeo Power’s sustainable energy efforts into the residential market. With energy storage primarily utilized by large-scale commercial sectors, Romeo Power is now making its advanced technology available for individuals.

As energy storage continues to grow, the industry still has a number of hurdles. One being technology overload. CIOs have confusion and hesitation when figuring out the right kind of technology to implement. Romeo is committed to transparency and unlimited access to their highly skilled team, providing an ultra-intelligent turnkey service. “We have a proprietary liquid cooling system that keeps the cells at a constant temperature and helps drive performance and longevity. We also mitigate thermal runaway with a single fault-tolerant software, protecting against cross cell propagation.
Using our extensive knowledge of aerospace and rocket engineering, we deliver power, range, and density, while ensuring the highest safety and durability standards. This information is essential when CIOs make decisions, and the chemistry says it all,” elucidates Wise.

We strongly believe in customer service being a personal service. We make it clear to our clients that business is not “just business,” it’s about people, and we will work tirelessly to get us to our shared goal

Tracking and regulating data can also be difficult, for which the division is working on developing an app that will ensure clients are updated with battery percentage, energy conservation data, and cost results.

The Romeo company culture only enhances these advancements, looking at other energy companies in the industry as partners in making the world a better place. “If we all strive to be the best in what we do, we will naturally push one another to produce technology and ideas that will lead the future. If we collectively focus on making breakthroughs, we’ll be on the edge of greater achievement”, says Wise. Their employees, the best in their fields, were drawn to Romeo because of this vision. And these experts are constantly interacting with their customers. “We strongly believe in customer service being a personal service. We make it clear to our clients that business is not “just business,” it’s about people, and we will work tirelessly to get to our shared goal. We also believe in quality over quantity which makes us unique; we choose our clients just as much as they choose us”, asserts Wise.

With an aim to end energy poverty, their values are set in everyone’s right to energy and a better quality of life. Their dream to spread positivity while advancing energy technology comes to fruition as they continue to engage in partnerships with the biggest names in real estate and business; all drawn to its new-age message of positive energy and an exceptional product.