Mesa Technical Associates, INC.: Optimized Turn-Key Solutions for Energy Storage

Mesa Technical Associates, INC.: Optimized Turn-Key Solutions for Energy Storage

CIO VendorHoward Gartland, President and CEO
At Mesa Technical Associates, we believe in better, smarter energy solutions. Our company operates with a customer-focused approach as we design back-up power and energy storage solutions for mission-critical applications. Projects at Mesa save customers money in the long run by building systems that are designed and engineered to fit each customer’s unique needs.

At the core of Mesa’s value proposition is our ability to design and build complex DC power system for a variety of customized applications. Our customer-centric integrated systems are technology and product agnostic, designed to meet the exacting requirements of electric utilities and telecom companies all over the U.S. Mesa’s core product and service offerings consist of traditional stationary industrial batteries and charging systems.

The energy industry is faced with new challenges and initiatives, such as fluctuating utility demand rates and tariffs, clean energy mandates, and a growing demand for electric grid efficiency and resiliency. Mesa has responded by leveraging their core competency in DC Power Systems and their history of delivering for their Utility customers into a complete turn-key offering of Energy Storage Systems (ESS). The company is positioning itself as an industry leader in the use of advanced battery technology and techno-economic analysis to maximize the impact of the ESS solutions it offers. "At Mesa, our analytics and experience help to optimize the design of ESS for our clients, which can save them capital, operational, and maintenance costs over the life of the project. Scalability and efficient integration of key components of the ESS, as well as optimal battery design are critical to the success of a project,” explains Howard Gartland, President and CEO of Mesa.

Using the engineer, furnish, and install (EF&I) approach, Mesa assumes all responsibility for the project, from system and site engineering, product procurement, site construction, system installation, testing, and commissioning. Mesa’s expertise in the industry and their relationship with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and industry partners sets them apart from their competitors, allowing them to deliver nimble, turn-key solutions to their clients. Gartland praises the expertise of Mesa’s dedicated workforce, the commitment of the company stakeholders, their key suppliers, and vendors. Their finance team ensures working capital availability to finance capital-intensive projects. The company employs a highly respected customer service team and an expert application engineering team. Mesa also employs a recycling team that recycles millions of pounds of batteries every year; their recycling efforts have earned them accolades as leaders in hazmat chain of custody ‘cradle-to-grave’ documentation and landfill avoidance initiatives.

Mesa is currently engaged with a New York State utility to build a battery energy storage system (BESS). The project scope includes installation of “fast” electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with connected lithium battery storage. The project use case objectives include building demand reduction, circuit demand reduction, energy arbitrage, and demand response capabilities. The system architecture includes 7 EV charging Stations, 700 KWh LFP batteries and integrated inverter, and electrical switch gear for integration with facility and grid power. The project is on schedule for December 2018 in-service date.

Highlighting Mesa's differentiators, Howard mentions a 20-year proven track record of providing the right battery solution to their client, realizing significant ROI over the lifetime of the solution. As a responsive integrator, Mesa can work on the “grid edge” and undertake smaller-scale projects on a faster timeline. Mesa’s industry expertise about the availability of differing technologies in the battery industry further differentiates them from competitors. As a veteran of the Army Corps of Engineers, Howard also emphasizes the need for the enhanced resiliency of military installations and power projection platforms to reduce vulnerability and improve energy security.

Mesa is engaged in several energy storage initiatives, and is working to solve some of the most complex problems in the industry. Our energy solutions are designed to optimize systems and to maximize return on energy investments.